VPI Industries Inc. Tonearm Collection


Gimbaled - Unipivot

The Gimbaled Series

Gimbaled bearings:

A set of four bearings that capture the tonearm, have no friction, and operate in the horizontal and lateral plane.  A gimbaled arm has no play, rocking motion, zenith or azimuth issues, the arm is fixed and any adjustability will come at a loss of rigidity.  The sound of the arm is dependent on the quality of the bearings used and the assembly techniques.

VPI Gimbaled Arm

The JMW Unipivot Series

Unipivot bearing:

A unipivot bearing design uses a single male and female point and cup as the source of all motion.  The arm maintains azimuth adjustment from inertia and lateral stability and is virtually frictionless.  The sound of the arm is based on the ability of the arm to be stable and to be friction free.

Classic Series