VPI Industries T.H.E. Newport Show Press Release

VPI Industries is proud to announce the exhibition of multiple products ranging from the entry level lifestyle table, the Nomad to the high-end flagship of the Classic Direct.  The following is a list of rooms featuring VPI products as well as additional audio equipment it is paired with.

Classic Direct and Nomad with Brooks Berdan Ltd.  Hilton 826,828

Brooks Berdan Ltd will be presenting both the entry level and flag ship turntables by VPI Industries.  On the entry level using the new VPI Nomad with varies headphones.  The Classic Direct will be running a Lyra Etna mounted on its 3D printed 12 inch arm hooked into a Burmester phono stage w/Chord electronics and Magico S3 speakers.  In addition, the Scout 2 which will be used by Michael Fremer for a turntable setup seminar will be on static display.


Classic Direct Motor and Traveler PBN AUDIO  Hilton 632

PBN Audio is featuring a unique DIY design of the Classic Direct Motor in their own “Groove Master” chassis.  They are also featuring the VPI Traveler table in an additional room with Liberty audio.

Classic 3 with Analysis Audio  Atrium 225
Analysis Audio will be featuring their top of the line speakers using a VPI Classic 3 in rosewood finish.    


Classic 2 with LKV Research, LLC  Hilton 627

LKV Research will be presenting their  Line One and Veros One using the VPI Classic 2 Turntable.  This phono stage is improved over the 2-SB in many respects (e.g., power supply, circuit revisions, better caps and other parts, etc.).  It will be more convenient to use (cartridge loading is selected by a high quality rotary switch on the rear panel instead of internal jumpers).  It will also have a switch on the front panel that allows the user to select either the very accurate RIAA equalization curve or the warmer "contour version". 


Classic 2 with Warner Dynamics  Atrium 313,315
Warner Dynamics will be presenting their new loudspeaker technology demonstrator (LTD), which showcases the fundamental technologies of the GABRIEL Loudspeaker which will be entering production this fall. The LTD is over 98db sensitive and fully active, using a DEQX HDP-4 for digital crossover and room correction. Powering the LTD will be a pair of the coveted Wells Audio Innamorata amps for mid and high frequencies, with a pair of the powerful Merrill Audio Veritas monoblocks controlling the bass with unparalleled definition and finesse. The analog chain will be provided by a VPI Classic 2 turntable, the beautiful Zesto Audio Andros phono stage, and EAR preamp. The premium cabling is provided by Alex Sventitsky of Wywires, using LITZ construction to virtually eliminate phase distortion.


Traveler with Positive Feedback  Hilton 711
In the middle of your trip around the show, take a break and grab a cold one in the POF room with a VPI Traveler in blue.  Cables by WyWires and Skogrand connected to MBL speakers.