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2004 - Hi Fi+ -Product of thse Year

2004 - Stereophile Mag. - Runner-up Analog Product of the Year

2004 - Positive Feedback Online - Product of the Year



United States:

- Positive Feedback - Myles Astor

- Positive Feedback Issue 22



- Hi-Fi+ Magazine

VPI - The Scoutmaster, "A MASTER OF SOUND"

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VPI Turntable - Scoutmaster

Scoutmaster Turntable Manual

The Scoutmaster combines key features from several of VPIs' most successful turntables. It uses the Aries 3 platter and inverted bearing, a larger version of the steel Scout motor assembly with fused IEC socket and 300-RPM 24 pole motor, and a dual Scout chassis with a steel center. The Scoutmaster comes with the JMW-9 standard or the 10.5i and as an option. The table stands 19" by 14" and weighs 48 pounds.

The Scoutmaster is a Scout with a shot of testosterone for a complete musical experience.

Options available are the JMW-9 Signature tonearm, periphery ring, the SDS power supply, and center weight.

Turntable Features:
1 7/8" thick acrylic platter
2 1/4" thick MDF/Steel center chassis
Solid aluminum motor assembly with 300-rpm motor in isolated steel housing
Beautiful black satin finish
Weight: 48lbs.

Click Here to hear the Scoutmaster

Click Here to hear a demonstration with King Crimson