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The Table that Took The World by Surprise

Direct Drive | Avenger Body | Untamed Ingenuity

Capital Audiofest Recap

Thank you all for the most amazing Captial Audio Fest we've ever had. Watch highlights and relive the experience with us!

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New Single Records +

For the Vinyl Enthusiast looking to add quality to their collection. These records from Harry's collections are worth a pretty penny and are in near mint condition. Enjoy your VPI Tables with only the finest music.

New Collector Records!

Looking for something that would amaze anyone who walks into your home? Are you a collector of high end products? Do you want something so rare, you can't find it on Amazon? Harry's Record Collection has it all, including records worth $500+ each. Select a tier ranging from $100 - $500 and you'll get a single record worth that much.