VPI Industries Inc. Turntable Collection


The VPI Traveler Series

The new entry high end level turntable featuring a new incredibly low friction in the spring loaded sapphire Gimballed bearings! This table was inspired and in memory of Sheila Weisfeld.

The VPI Classic Series

The Classic line pays homage to the great turntables of the past that have been synonymous with state of the art turntable design. The Classic has been the best selling turntable VPI has ever made and is still outselling production.
Classic Series

The VPI Scout Series

Originally meant to be part of the Aries Series, the Scout series was the first crack at making a full packaged high quality table at a more affordable price. Designer Harry Weisfeld has whapped the ball so far out of the park with this one, it isn't funny. “ - Art Dudley 

The VPI Aries Series

The third series created by VPI Industries which looked to achieve near-TNT performance in an HW-19 sized package. The series went through 3 evolutions and adopted the VPI flag ship the HR-X turntable into its class!


The HR-X is known to reviewers and manufacturers around the world for it's natural reproduction of scale and sweep, which are two of the things that make us feel like we are listening to live music.