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Player Turntable

Player Turntable

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The VPI Player is the first all in one high-end entry level turntable. Complete with a headphone amplifier, phonostage, and pre-mounted VPI Shirley cartridge on a 9 inch Gimballed / Yoke bearing tonearm, it is the perfect solution to enjoying your records!

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9" Gimbal Tonearm.

VPI Shirley

Built in Phonostage​.

Built in Headphone Amp​​.

Ready to play out of the box​.

Made in the USA​​

Technical Specifications

Chassis Composition: Vinyl Wrapped MDF
Platter Type & Size: 11.5" Aluminum, 7-Lbs
Tonearm Included: Player Tonearm
Motor RPM: 300 RPM
Motor Pulley Accuracy: +/- .0005"

Wow and Flutter: .1%
Average RMS Distortion:. 36%
Footprint:Overall Size: 16" x 11"
Overall Size: 19" x 14" x 6"
Total Weight:12.9-Lbs