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Van Den Hul The Black Crimson - Refurbished

Van Den Hul The Black Crimson - Refurbished

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The Crimson is a top performance custom hand built moving coil phono cartridge. This is the result of a crossbreed of our models “The Canary” and “The Condor”. This cartridge is available in natural light wood color, dark wood color and a red colored (also wooden) version. The wooden models are all available with a special lacquer which is the original lacquer of the stradivarius. All the wooden models are available as the new “Crimson Stradivarius” which gives the cartridge a unique sound impression. On special request a Polycarbonate body is available.

Specific characteristics for this great cartridge are a relatively high (0,65mV) output, gold coils, a Samarium-Cobalt magnet, extended channel separation and superb tracking ability.

As the popularity of vinyl is reviving again, many requests came in to develop a High-end phono cartridge for a more affordable price than The Colibri. The Crimson is the result and probably one of the cartridges with the best value for money available. It is completely hand built by the Master himself and comes with a 200 hour service check-up, free of charge (for the original owner).

The Black Crimson is a mixture of the Crimson and the Colibri.By changing the needle carrier (short version as with the Colibri) and the housing material the Colibri XGP is a version that combines the advantages of the Crimson and The Colibri


This is a refurbished product. Returns/refunds are not applicable to used/refurbished items. 

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