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VPI HW-19 MK 2

VPI HW-19 MK 2

The HW-19 MK 2 was the next evolution in the VPI product line where Harry moved away from aluminum and switch the platter to black or clear acrylic.  Since this is something that has been switched back to aluminum platter for later/current VPI models the question is, why did he do it?  The simple answer is that the industry/reviewers of the time strongly sided with having an acrylic platter over aluminum and Harry and VPI as a company was still too young/new to the game to argue.  However, Stereophile's Gordan Holt knew better and had preferred the original platter.  However, form a manufacturing standpoint it was more difficult and costly to continue making the HW tables with aluminum.


  • Black acrylic platter filled with lead 

  • Stronger springs (less weight than original on the HW-19)

  • Delrin pulley

  • MDF covered formica and double layered steel

  • 600 RPM motor

  • Available in walnut, maple, and black oak.

Existing in Production Upgrades:

  • HR-X Mini Feet


  • JMW Tonearm

  • Player Gimballed Tonearm

  • 2" Aluminum Platter (Prime Platter)

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