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For improved bass, imaging, focus, detail, and lower noise, the answer is the Mk IV. The HW-19 Mk.IV turntable includes the same wood base, precision AC-Synchronous motor/pulley/belt drive assembly, and stainless steel-acrylic subchassis as the Mk. III.

All this makes a great sounding turntable, but the Mk.IV goes further to become a Super Table. The Mk.IV borrows three critical parts from the state of the art TNT turntable: the platter, the bearing, and the suspension.

The Mk.IV features the 1.5" thick, 20 pound, four layer, lead impregnated, precision machined, acrylic TNT platter. This platter has four times the inertia of the Mk.III platter and reduces noise, increases focus in the bass, and throws a soundstage far beyond the boundaries of your loudspeakers.

This high inertia platter is mated to the noise reducing bearing of the TNT. By mounting the platter on a three-point suspension,and mechanically grounding it to the spindle, no random motion is allowed to enter the rotating system. The spindle itself is machined from stainless steel with sintered bronze bushings as the lateral wearing surface. The vertical thrust plate is virtually indestructible 92 Rockwell Tungsten Carbide.

The platter and bearing assembly work as a unified team. They lower noise, increase low level detail, and provide a degree of focus that was previously only available with turntables costing a minimum of twice as much.

All of this would be irrelevant if the turntable suspension was not up to the task. In the Mk.IV, we borrowed the suspension springs from the TNT and floated the entire assembly at 2.5 Hertz. The Mk.IV is very resistant to all forms of acoustic feedback and environmental noise.

How good is the Mk.IV? The Mk.IV was ranked "Analog Source of the Year" by Stereophile magazine.. "A big thumbs up to Harry Weisfeld and his Mk.IV"... The Mk.IV's rewards greatly exceed its cost... congratulations..."

  • Lead-filled, black acrylic platter

  • Four-point, TNT-grade suspension

  • AC synchronous motor

  • TNT-grade bearing and spindle

  • Noise-canceling, 3-point platter mount

  • Precision “O” ring drive

  • Acrylic dust cover

Existing in Production Upgrades:

  • HR-X Mini Feet


  • JMW Tonearm

  • Player Gimballed Tonearm

  • 2" Aluminum Platter (Prime Platter)

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