The World Reviews on VPI Industries Inc.

The world reviews on VPI Industries Inc.

VPI Traveler Review

United States:

Stereophile - Stephen Mejias

Positive Feedback Issue 61 - Michael Mercer

Tone Publications Issue 51 Page 176- Jerold O'Brien

Crescendo Audio- Jerold O' Brien

Analog Planet- Micheal Fremer

Audio Asylum

Cnet- Steve Guttenberg


Witch Doctor- Gary Pearce

ON - Top Audio - Pierre-Yves Maton


VPI Classic Reviews

Lyric Hi Fi & Video - Bob Herman


United States:


Enjoy the Music- Alfred Fredel

Stereophile - Art Dudley

Ultra High-End - Frank Berryman

The Absolute Sound - Jacob Heillbrunn

Goldmine - Todd Whiteesel

Tone Magazine - Allan Walton

Six Moons - Ralph Werner


Tech Radar- Tech Staff

Hi-Fi+ Magazine (Part 1)- Roy Gregory

Hi-Fi+ Magazine (Part 2)-Roy Gregory


Scout II

Enjoy the SA Equipment- Anthony Nicosia

Scoutmaster Series

United States :

Positive Feedback - Myles Astor

Positive Feedback Issue 22


Hi-Fi+ Magazine

Super Scoutmaster + Rim Drive

Positive Feed Back - Issue 40 - 2008

Super Scoutmaster and HR-X Turntable

The Critical

The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award - 2004


United States:

Enjoy the SA Equipment- Wayne Donnelly

HiFi Unlimited

Audiophilia- Andrew Chasin

Superior Audio Equipment

Audiophilia, April 1998

Listener, Volume 6 Number 2


Hi-Fi+ Issue 54

Hi-Fi+ Issue 8

Hi-Fi News and Record Review, June 2000



United States:

Stereophile - Brian Damkroger

The Absolute Sound - HP's Golden Ear Awards 2004 - Harry Pearson

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity - John E. Johnson, Jr.

Cnet/Holiday Gift Guide 2005- The Ultimate tech Luxuries - Ben Patterson


Hi-Fi+ Magazine - VPI TNT- HRX Record Player - Roy Gregory


HW-27 Typhoon

Sound Stage - Vinyl World October 2008

The Absolute Sound - Absolute Analog 2008


Audio Smorgasbord


Sterophile: Cleaning Your Records in Ten (or so) Easy Steps

Hi-Fi + Magazine - Reviewer - Reuben Parry

Sensible Sound - Reviewer - Kevin East

Hi-Fi + Issue 1 - Reviewer - Chris Binis


Bound For Sound

TNT Mk.V Hot Rod

Hi-Fi+ Issue 10

Synchronous Drive System

Audiophilia, November 1998

Ultimate Audio, Vol 3 No.1

JMW Memorial Arm

Listener, Volume 6 Number 2

The Absolute Sound, Volume 20 Issue 106

Ultimate Audio, Vol 1. No. 1